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The Next Chapter

Sports Documentary.

Release Date: January 14th 2022

Official Trailer: January 8th 2022


The short story of a football player's 

unique journey, who's route initially

was headed towards stardom

in the biggest football league in the

World, the NFL, yet certain unfortunate

events can drastically cause that

dream to not become a reality.

The Next Chapter: Gear
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All Videos

The Next Chapter: Showreel

The Next Chapter - Official Teaser Trailer

This is the official teaser trailer of our first 2021-2022 project here on the ApexVisualProductions platform, The Next Chapter. A short documentary that we are excited to share with you all! Hope you enjoy! 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own all the rights from the photo above.

Parts of the photo are owned by Videvo.

The Next Chapter: Video
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